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Spin Testing

[Disclaimer] The Balancing Company, Inc.  by means of certification  or otherwise, does not verify the safety, suitability, use, or the fitness for a particular purpose or unintended purpose of any part or parts.  Therefore, The Balancing Company, Inc. disclaims any and all potential liability stemming from the use of any test results.

Six Spin Testing Systems makesThe Balancing Company one of the worlds foremost Spin Testing facilities.

Our newest Spin Test System can accommodate speeds up to 250,000 rpm with stop action photography.
See stop action photos below!

spinfacility   spinbunker

We are one of the largest independent spin testing facilities in the world, capable of accommodating parts 48 in. in diameter, 36 inches in depth and up to 1500 pounds. Spin speeds are available up to 250,000 rpm, with the capability of taking a stop action photograph at the point of disintegration. All of our systems can be adapted for elevated or reduced temperatures, low cycle fatigue testing and containment testing.

The Balancing Company has many years of experience in testing variety of materials including composites, exotic metals and plastic parts for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and processing applications.

Our staff of Engineers and Technicians has been dedicated to solving balancing, spin testing, and vibration problems since 1968.

The Balancing Company Quality Assurance Program meets most Automotive, Aerospace, and Military requirements.

rball1 Spin Speeds up to 250,000 rpm.
rball2 High Speed, Stop-Action Photography
rball3 Elevated and Reduced Temperatures
rball4 Low Cycle Fatigue Testing

A few of our biggest clients: General Electric
                                                 Pratt Whitney
                                                 Hamilton Standard
                                                 Rolls Royce

ceramspin    spin  furnacefan

The following are actual stop action photographs taken during a spin burst test in our ultra high speed Spin Test System.

This system is capable of spin speeds up to 250,000 with stop action photography


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Integrity-The priceless ingredient in testing

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